Marald Bes

I specialize in nothing but diversity

Since starting the company in 2005, I've worked on quite diverse projects.
I have ... 
... done business portrait photography, location & product photography, event photography, timelapse photography and    for my own enjoyment : a lot of travel photography
... created games for promotion purposes, museums & tradeshows, with a little bit of virtual reality 
... drawn logo's, picked colors & typefonts for corporate identities, created stationary, flyers, business cards, folders, posters, car decals, forms, stickers, lighters, etc in Indesign and illustrator.
... developed and styled many different websites, ranging from small portfolios to online applications and corporate sites as well as Search Engine Optimisation, using CMS systems such as Joomla & Wordpress
... programmed interactive touchscreens applications for tradeshows, digital signage and POS using Actionscript in Flash, PHP on the web, Lingo in Director and later on C# in Unity 3D
... worked on themepark attractions and installations, and did extensive research on Virtual Reality and motion tracking 
... created video productions such as infomercials, documentries and promotion. Directed some of them, shot many of them through a lot of different camera's and edited even more on all kinds of systems from lineair to Avid and all the Premieres and FCP's in between
... designed and animated motion graphics in After Effects and Combustion for video, website banners and presentations
... done system integration, software and technical setup for video edit suites and audio recording facilities
... fine tuned audio in post production and 
... composed & arranged music and shorts in the genres jazz, lounge, deep house, techno, pop & reggae using Cubase, Logic and Audition for personal use
Not all my work can be found in this online portfolio. Because as a freelancer, I do not always work in my company's name, but for others as well. 
And sometimes I am just a tiny wheel in a bigger team, and can't take credit for the full project.
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