A short backstory on the VR Recording Studio

When growing up I was messing around with computers, programming as well as recording and making music. So when I left High School, my dream job was to become an audio engineer in a recording studio.

But there weren’t many schools teaching audio engineering back in those days, and the ones that did (SAE, RBS) were private schools which I (actually my parents) couldn’t afford. So my education took a different direction.

Not really knowing what I wanted, I studied electrical engineering instead. Through several internships (Sony broadcast, NFGD) and small jobs during my education, I ended up working with all sorts of professional AV equipment and helping out on video productions, learning video editing, audio recording & camera working. I continued down this path. I was already working and playing with computers intensively since I was 7 years of age, so I also kept programming interactive applications, websites and touchscreens for different clients. This forced and also enabled me to teach myself a lot of technical computer skills and languages even before there was Internet. These skills I learned would be essential for VR later.

In 2005 I started my own company AnyMotion, where I could combine all my video, photography, programming and other skills into freelancing and doing lots of different projects.

Beginning 2014 I was hired by a company to do the creative and technical parts of a bit project that involved the upcoming Oculus VR HMD. Soon I was working full time on making virtual reality work, doing a lot of research and development on projects that were quite ahead in their time. (wireless VR, full body tracking etc).
Working with VR made me think back to the studio I always wanted, I should be able to create something like it in virtual reality. So after these projects, I started in 2016 by learning Unity3D and designing a basic volume mixer.

It grew quite a bit from there. I found some repair manuals for professional audio equipment, rewatched the documentary about the Focusrite consoles and the Sound City movie and had lots of inspiration.

This was a passion project and was not a source of income, so although I worked on it once in a while, it always remained on the back burner.

I didn’t do a lot of development during 2018/19 because I was mainly busy filming and editing loads of videos, photography, working on client websites, doing graphic design and even managing AdWords campaigns.

But when covid hit in 2020, and a lot of jobs were cancelled, I found myself rebooting the project and updating it to the latest standards. Along the way, I got more and more interest from around the world, which stimulated me to continue development on a regular basis and start a discord server for discussion and contact with beta testers.

The studio still looks quite similar to what I had already built by the time it was 2017, but it is a totally different application now and works on the more recent headsets like the oculus quest 2. The complete VR interaction layer has been replaced and is now a modified version of the VR interaction framework (look up BNG VRIF) which will ensure further future support.

The C++/C# audio layer is vastly expanded in capabilities but might still be replaced by a C# only version to enable compatibility with future standalone headsets.

I want to take this idea and application several steps further and expand this idea of the metaverse recording studio where people can mix, make and record music, learn and share production skills or just socialize in the metaverse while enjoying music.

To get to the point where I want to go, I’m probably going to start a Patreon fund for development.

With an income stream from Patreon, I can justify spending a fixed amount of time each month on developing and building out this app. Maybe even hire some other ppl to accelerate the process.

For now, you can register on my website (anymotion.nl/vrstudio) to gain beta access to the current build and try the studio yourself. Contact me at marald@anymotion.nl or on youtube if you want to discuss collaborations.

Join our discussion on my discord server

Virtual reality recording studio on Discord

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