Julia 2018, Hybride VR
AR/VR, Computer Animation, Game Design
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Hermadix 360 VR movie
Advertising, AR/VR, Animation
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Heads'up VR
Motion Graphics, Game Design, Sound Design
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Blijdorp Zoo Oceania VR experience
Exhibition Design, Programming
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Beat the Keeper
Game Design
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VR Sound Engineer
Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Game Design
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ARKit test
Interaction Design, Game Design, Programming
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New trends in the modern recording studio - Post My Hub · november 4, 2018 op 12:16 pm

[…] may help improve this in the coming years. And, VR will help the independent musician experience an analog sound recording studio, reminiscent of ones like the Evergreen Stage—and maybe allow the musician to broadcast their own […]

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