Heads'up VR was an early try-out I made in Unity3D with the Oculus Rift DK1 / DK2. 
The game was tested on a VR meetup but never got passed the alpha stage, 'cause I saw the trailer of headmaster on the PlayStation VR and thought they seem to have an excellent gameplay. To have more time for new projects, this project was abandoned.

I just adjusted the project to VIVE compatibility before doing the screen capture, as HTC Vive is so much nicer to use than the old DK1 / DK2. (haven't got my hands on a oculus cv-1 yet)

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New trends in the modern recording studio - Post My Hub · november 4, 2018 op 12:16 pm

[…] may help improve this in the coming years. And, VR will help the independent musician experience an analog sound recording studio, reminiscent of ones like the Evergreen Stage—and maybe allow the musician to broadcast their own […]

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