practice & learn audio engineering  with real world studio equipment from the comfort and safety of your own home

In virtual reality

Everybody can have enough studio time to learn what each button does, each pot controls and how to setup your console before ever going into a real studio

Give every student access to their own console

Learn about multitrack analogue recording and experience working with tape based systems

Multitrack machines

In virtual reality

Simulate a recording session with virtual artists in your own studio

Recording an artist

Practice mic placement

Or just setup your dream recording environment in virtual reality

Mix your own song

Once you master  your virtual studio you can start mixing your own songs

Go to anymotion.nl to learn more

Outboard gear

Learn how to route, patch and use outboard equipment in your mix, instead of relying on plugins.

This app simulates and helps learn a more hands on experience that is completely different than working in a DAW.  And also, because it's fun!!!  Create the ultimate fan experience by mixing an artists most famous songs in virtual studio.

What's more