Retro Recordings is a Virtual Reality Recording Studio inspired by legendary music studios worldwide

Step into the virtual time machine and experience the glory days of music production with Retro Recordings, the ultimate VR recording studio inspired by the legendary music studios of yesteryear. Get ready to channel your inner producer or audio engineer as you sit behind a vintage console and mix down your favorite tracks from the classic multi-track tape machine.

With Retro Recordings, you can also collaborate with musicians from around the world. Playing a real or virtual instrument, you’ll be able to record, edit, mix, and master your way to musical greatness. Come on in and let Retro Recordings be your creative outlet from the past.

Musicians can join you online and play a virtual instrument or input their 'real instruments, and perform.
Retro Recording Studio
VR Standards

As you walk into Retro Recordings, you’re transported to a time when music was all about socializing, feel, timing, atmosphere, shared passion and analogue equipment.

Take a seat behind your favorite studio console and be guided by feel in stead of numbers.

Your tracks are being played from the multi-track tape machine, slowly turning in the corner. Forget about clicking through plugins for EQ, compressor or FX – everything you need is right in front of you in the channel strip. 

With positional audio, you’ll feel like you’re experiencing your music through a variety of speakers. 

We are also working on a modern clean room setup that lets you use your favorite DAW on a floating virtual screen. But until that happens, embrace the limitations of this old-school studio and see just how creative you can get. 


Discord channel for the Virtual Recording Studio Retro Recordings

The Retro Recording studio is currently in Beta

Go to the following address to register for beta access to the virtual reality recording studio.:

Second Dev VLOG from VR